4 Creative Ways to Upcycle Your Old Hijabs: Give Them a New Lease on Life

In this blog post, we explore 4 creative ways to repurpose old hijabs. From turning them into pillowcases and pin cushions to donating them to local Muslim community support programs or using them as rags or dusting cloths, there are many practical and sustainable ways to give your old hijabs a new lease on life. The blog also emphasizes the importance of investing in high-quality hijabs from reputable brands to extend the life of your hijabs and support sustainable practices in the hijab and modest wear industry.

As a hijabi, you likely have a bunch of hijabs that you no longer wear. But instead of letting them gather dust in your closet, why not repurpose them into something new and useful? In this blog post, we will share 4 creative ways to give your old hijabs a new lease on life.

Repurposing Old Hijabs

1. Make Them into Pillowcases

If you have read our blog on hijab hair care tips, you know that we recommend oiling your hair and leaving the oil in overnight. To protect your pillows from oil stains, why not make your old hijabs into pillowcases? Not only will this prevent oil stains on your pillows, but it is also an excellent way to upcycle your old hijabs.

Pro tip: I like to also place an additional hijab under my pillow to prevent hair from staining the bed sheet. Do this and you'll never have to worry about oil stains on your bed sheets or pillows.

2. Turn Them into Pin Cushions

Every hijabi uses pins to style and keep their hijab in place. To ensure you never lose a pin again, turn your old hijabs into small pin cushions. Here's how to make a 3 x 3" hijab pin cushion in 5 easy steps:

  • Cut out a 3 x 6" rectangle from the hijab
  • Fold the rectangle in half
  • Sew the edges together until only 1 side is open
  • Take clippings from your old hijab and stuff them in
  • Sew the open side shut, and voila!

This not only provides a safe storage option for your pins but also allows you to repurpose your hijabs in a functional and creative way.

3. Donate Them to a Local Muslim Community Support Program

If your old hijabs are still in usable condition, consider donating them to a local Muslim community support program. This is a great way to support those in need and reduce waste at the same time. Here are couple of organizations you could donate your hijabs and abayas to:

4. Use Them as Rags or Dusting Cloths

For hijabs that have seen better days and can no longer be worn, consider using them as rags or dusting cloths.Β This is an environmentally-friendly way to repurpose your hijabs and reduce waste.

Invest in High-Quality Hijabs from Reputable Brands

To make the most of your hijab purchases and extend the life of your hijabs, it is essential to invest in high-quality products from reputable brands. Look for brands that use durable materials, employ ethical manufacturing practices, and offer a range of styles to suit your individual preferences. By doing so, you can reduce waste and support sustainable practices in the hijab and modest wear industry.

At Momina hijabs, we are committed to offering high-quality hijabs that are both stylish and durable while employing sustainable practices.


In conclusion, there are many creative and practical ways to repurpose your old hijabs. From turning them into pillowcases, pin cushions, rags, or even tote bags and art, there is no shortage of ideas for how to give your hijabs a new lease on life. By repurposing your hijabs, you can reduce waste, add some sustainability to your fashion choices, and create unique and stylish accessories for yourself or others. Donating your hijabs to local Muslim community support programs is another excellent option, especially for hijabs that are still in usable condition. We hope that this blog has given you some inspiration and ideas for what to do with your old hijabs. Remember, there is no limit to the ways that you can repurpose and reuse your hijabs, so be creative and have fun!

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