Tie-Back Undercaps Unveiled: The Ultimate Solution for Customized Fit and Style!

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What are Tie-Back Undercaps

Tie-Back Undercaps are a unique and versatile addition to the hijab-wearing essentials. Fabricated from a cooling cotton jersey blend, these undercaps are designed to keep your hair comfortably and securely in place. They are perfect for wearing underneath any of your hijabs to prevent slippage and excessive hair loss. Struggling with hijab slippage? Tie-Back Undercaps are the answer!

Features and Benefits

The standout feature of Tie-Back Undercaps is the drawstring tie-back, giving you the flexibility to tighten the undercap to your desired fit. The spacious amount of fabric is stretchable to fit large-sized buns and long hair completely. The lightweight jersey fabric ensures comfortable all-day wear, making them an absolute must-have for every hijab style. Embrace the Islamic principle of modesty with this innovative solution.Learn more about the importance and types of undercaps in our Master blog on 'Hijab Undercaps'.

Available in 7 Essential Shades

Available in 7 essential shades ranging from basic black and white to light and deeper neutrals, these Tie-back underscarves will pair nicely with any hijab in your wardrobe. The 4-way stretch with complete fit control allows you to tie them loose or tight, adapting to whichever fit you prefer. Shop the Best Quality Tie-back Hijab Undercaps Online and find the perfect match for your hijabs.


Tie-Back Undercaps are a practical and stylish solution for hijabis seeking control and comfort in their hijab-wearing experience. With their adaptable design and essential shades, they are a valuable addition to any hijab collection. Explore the Hijab Undercaps collection and find the perfect shade to complement your hijabs. Shop now and elevate your hijab-wearing experience!

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