The Must See Guide to Tube Hijab undercaps


Tube Undercaps are an essential part of the hijab-wearing experience. Crafted from soft cotton and jersey fabric, these undercaps feature a tube silhouette with open ends, providing breathability and a comfortable secure fit. Available in various shades, they are designed to pair with all your light, dark, or colored hijabs. Tube Hijab Undercaps are mainly available in two different fabrics: Cotton Jersey and Ribbed Jersey. Let's explore each undercap fabric type and see what they are all about. For a comprehensive understanding of hijab undercaps, you may also refer to our complete guide on Hijab Undercaps.

Cotton Jersey Tube Undercaps

The Cotton Jersey Tube Undercaps are created from a soft cotton jersey fabric, offering a breathable and customized secure fit. These undercaps are designed to prevent hijab slippage and scalp irritation, making them perfect for wearing underneath your hijabs all year round. Their 4-way stretch and a smooth texture ensure a secure fit without compromising comfort.

Why Choose Cotton Tube Undercaps?

Flexible, lightweight, and opaque, Cotton Tube Undercaps are easy on the hair and retain their shape while holding your hair in place. They are essential to wear underneath your hijabs to keep them in place all day without slipping, all while preventing excess friction between your hijab and hair.

Ribbed Jersey Tube Undercaps

Ribbed Jersey Tube Undercaps are designed with the finest sourced cotton and jersey blend, creating an under scarf that is not only breathable but also flexible and comfortable. Their open-ended tube silhouette and subtle texture and stretch make them a perfect solution to give you maximum comfort under your hijab. The ribbed texture gives these under scarves a grip like no other, while the jersey fabric keeps them stretchy and soft.

Why Choose Ribbed Jersey Tube Undercaps?

These under scarves are designed to secure your hijabs in place all day while preventing your hair from slippage, breakage, and scalp irritation. The flexible stretch of the Premium Jersey fabric paired with a smooth ribbed texture ensures a perfect fit. Available in various shades ranging from dark hue to softer pastel tones, these under scarves adjust to any face shape and hairstyle while staying in place perfectly.


Tube Undercaps are an indispensable accessory for every hijabi. With their soft fabric and versatile design, they provide the support and comfort needed for a confident and graceful appearance. Explore our collection of Cotton Hijab Under Caps and find the perfect hijab undercap to complement your style.

Ribbed Jersey Tube Undercaps are a must-have for those seeking a secure and comfortable hijab-wearing experience. With their unique ribbed texture and intense stretch, they provide an intense grip without compromising on comfort. Explore our collection of Ribbed Hijab Under Caps and elevate your hijab style with these elegant and functional undercaps.

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